In space, nobody can hear you craft.

Why aren't there more planets? I saw a lot in x video...
More planets will be released soon. There are about 11 dimensions in the works right now.
Can I use this mod in a modpack?
Sure, just make sure there's a cearly visible link to my site to the public as they download the mod.
Why is development so slow? Hurry up and release x feature.
Instead of throwing random items and blocks into the mod I am working on a progression from basic to advanced as you discover materials and schematic on subsequent planets. Be patient.
I found a bug, what do I do?
Report it on the forums at Theres a link in the navigation if you look.
Can I have the entire beta build including all planets for my youtube video?
No. There is no 'beta'...
I know java and I want to contribute to the mod. How can I do so?
Thanks anyway, but I'm currently not looking for any more help on the mod.
This mod is incompatible with x mod!
The incompatibility is probably temporary, since mods are constantly changing. Let me or the creator of the other mod know what the problem is and one of us should help.
The link is broken!
No it's not. Click skip in the top right.
I clicked skip, but the page won't load!
In that case, the jenkins build site is down and you should contact me via Twitter or IRC to let me know