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- Rating: 5.0/5

Tinkers’ Construct is a comprehensive mod that redefines tool assembly, offering a vast array of customization. The mod allows you to create tools that are perpetually yours; they do not vanish and can be endlessly modified to suit your preferences. The customization is so extensive that tools can be named and transformed beyond their original forms. A diverse selection of materials is at your disposal to craft these personal tools.

Getting Started with Tinkers’ Construct

Begin by setting up a few tables which will be essential for holding your patterns. It’s advantageous to position the pattern chest adjacent to the part builder to facilitate seamless access. Patterns are crafted using the Stencil Table, and these patterns are then utilized in the Part Builder to create tool parts. The Part Builder has the added benefit of showing details about the materials used.

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Tool Construction and Modification

The Tool Station is where the magic happens, allowing you to construct, customize, and mend your tools. Following this, constructing a Smeltery is crucial for metal processing, which is necessary for crafting metallic tool parts. For this, gather some gravel, sand, and clay to build your Smeltery.

Enhancements and Automation

You can also introduce automation into your Smeltery, and the mod includes new entities to assist with this. Moreover, Tinkers’ Construct enriches the Minecraft world with new creatures.

Installing the Tinkers’ Construct with Minecraft Forge

Eager to introduce this exciting mod into your game? Here’s a step-by-step guide tailored for mods crafted for Minecraft Forge API:

  1. Prerequisite: Ensure Minecraft Forge is pre-installed.
  2. Mod Download: Acquire a Forge-compatible Tinkers’ Construct mod, either from a trusted website or any other source.
  3. Accessing the Mods: Launch Minecraft and select ‘Mods’ from the main menu. Subsequently, hit the ‘Open Mods Folder’ button.
    Note: Some older Forge versions might lack this button. In such cases, locate the folder manually.

    • For Windows Users:
      • Simultaneously press the Windows key and R.
      • Input %appdata% and hit enter.
      • Navigate to the Minecraft folder, then delve into the Mods sub-folder.
    • For Mac Users:
      • Simultaneously press Command+Shift+G on your desktop.
      • Input ~/Library and hit enter.
      • Traverse to the Application Support folder, followed by the Minecraft folder.
  4. Installing the Mod: Drag and drop the downloaded mod (either a .jar or .zip file) into the Mods folder.
  5. Final Steps: Reboot Minecraft. Your newly installed mod should now appear in the mod list!


Changes and Updates

Since version 1.7.10, there have been significant changes:

  • There’s been a revamp in materials, with each offering unique traits.
  • New materials have been introduced.
  • The choice of part materials is now more consequential, with certain traits exclusive to specific tool head materials.
  • Tools can be repaired using all the head materials they’re made of.
  • Tinkers’ Construct no longer generates common ores like copper or tin but supports them if added by other mods.
  • Enjoy more fun on slime islands.
  • Utilize Single-Use Clay casts.
  • Easily add liquid to the Smeltery by right-clicking a drain with a bucket.
  • Use sharpening kits to achieve the desired harvest level.
  • There’s a removal of extra-modifiers.
  • New modifiers include Soulbound (Nether Star) and dimensional expanders (Width/Height).
  • Interfaces have been improved for better user experience.
  • Enjoy new tools like the Slimesling and Slime boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tinkers’ Construct now only adds Cobalt and Ardite ore generation and supports other mod-added ores.
  • If the Smeltery is not appearing, it can be enabled through the TinkerModules.cfg in the config directory.
  • Development is concentrated on the current version of Minecraft; older versions will not receive updates.
  • Compatibility issues with Optifine are beyond the control of Tinkers’ Construct, as the mod does not utilize specialized rendering techniques.

Credits and Acknowledgments

Tinkers’ Construct 2

  • KnightMiner is the lead developer.
  • mDiyo is the original creator of the mod.
  • Alexbegt and Firedingo contribute to development and general support.
  • Drullkus designs villager textures, while Anbaric models pattern and part chests.

Tinkers’ Construct up to 1.7.10

  • Contributions include fuj1n on landmines, progwml6 as a developer, and Fudgy_Fetus on cutlasses.
  • NekoGloop, Skyboy, Zerokyuuni, Vexatos, BluSunrize, tonius11, and baddaspig have provided textures, rendering, support, translations, and graphics.

Tinkers’ Construct Mod Version

  • Version:
  • Minecraft Java Version: 1.18.2


Changes in


  • Make tool slot outline in containers more obvious
  • Velocity no longer increases inaccuracy of projectile weapons
  • Iron now uses magnetic as a trait instead of sturdy, experimental change
  • Fix a couple of dupe bugs related to stacked daggers
  • Fix possible duplication bug in the tool inventory container


  • Added Boundless: New ability modifier for shields to increase protection cap from 80% to more
  • Reduce all recipes using reinforcements to only cost 20 instead of 24
  • Revitalizing now has a cap of 5 on all pieces, use it wisely
  • Simplify fire protection, should be more consistent/reliable now
  • Make spilling cache concurrent to prevent possible crash
  • Prevent reflecting from letting you duplicate skeleton arrows
  • Make necrotic restore a flat 5% per level instead of the previous formula
  • Make sinistral take priority over punching with the crossbow
  • Stringly now can use string repair kits for repair
  • Cap knockback at 3
  • Cap severing at 3, and make luck boost the 5% per level to 6%, 7%, 8%, etc. instead of being a flat boost
  • Make zoom cheaper now to respect it being an upgrade
  • Nerf lightweight on bows a bit, that was way overtuned
  • Fix potential crash with reflecting and piercing arrows
  • Fix reflecting triggering when it shouldn’t and ignoring higher levels
  • Fix reflecting not syncing projectile motion
  • Fix emptied tank daggers not stacking under some conditions
  • Fix sweeping edge at max level doing 1 more damage to edge targets than it should
  • Fix modifier icons not loading on some modpacks


  • Make seared and scorched ladders connect
  • Fix soup melting having too high melting time


  • Update JEI transfer support for modifier recipes
  • Prevent possible startup crash with tool color handlers
  • Remove outdated crafttweaker examples
  • General typo fixing
  • Fix some missing tags on slimy grass and ferns
  • Fix fancy frames allowing converting vanilla frames into fancy frames


- Rating: 5.0/5

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