About 5 months ago now, I had just bought Star Wars: The Old Republic. My short-lived adventures in that MMO gave me some inspiration to create a new mod… The Lightsaber Mod. The mod added retractable lightsabers in four colors. I was very proud at the time, as I was scratching my way into the java universe and making a couple pennies off it too. Within a couple months I had grown significantly as a modder, and decided to expand the idea of a star wars themed mod and take it to a whole new dimension. So that’s what I did. I created a new dimension with 5 new ores, a Droid mob and a Clone Trooper mob that would fire blasters at each other on sight, Bounty Hunters would kill anything on sight, and added a small variety of blocks, tools, and armor. I ended up scrapping the whole idea because it came nowhere near the level that the Official Star Wars Mod did, and with the size of their development team compared to me, myself, and I… would never come close.

A couple weeks ago after the core of my Crossbow Mod had been done for a while and I was getting a bit rusty in terms of coding, I decided I would take another swing at this Dimension with "Galacticraft". Galacticraft removes the restrictions of my limited Star Wars knowledge, and adds the freedom of creating any planet imaginable. This is going to be my focus for quite a while, and I am going to put blood, sweat, and tears into this code until I am happy with the result. Hopefully it will turn out better than the Lightsaber Mod did. Here’s a very early test of the dimension transportation system (I’ve improved it quite a bit since this video).

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