Minecraft 1.5.1 Alpha 0.1.32
  • Fix detection of entities inside oxygen bubbles.
  • Add interface for manipulation of solar strength for Mekanism's solar panels.
Minecraft 1.5.1 Alpha 0.1.31
  • Oxygen bubbles are no longer hundreds of blocks, but instead one entity. This should fix all lag issues.
  • Update Universal Electricity and ICBM APIs.
  • Finish untested IC2 implementation.
  • Fix loading of Japanese and Dutch languages.
  • Fix skeleton model when wearing sensor glasses.
Minecraft 1.5.1 Alpha 0.1.30
  • Revert oxygen power back to older amount until lag bug is fixed.
  • Add error message if Galacticraft isn't found in coremods.
  • Fix spaceship overlay displaying earth image when on moon.
  • Fix flag consumption in creative.
  • Added Dutch language files, thanks PureTryOut!
  • Add moon config value to disable village gen.
  • Extractor will be held like a bow when oil is being extracted.
  • Fix oxygen pipe visual bug.
  • Fix server-side crash upon removing rocket crafting table.
Minecraft 1.5.1 Alpha 0.1.29
  • Add ISidedInventory support for machines. This allows BuildCraft, Hopper Blocks, Assembly Line, etc to get items from proper side.
  • Fix uncommon bug where nothing would happen upon clicking "Create Space Station".
  • Fix GenLayer issues for good.
Minecraft 1.5.1 Alpha 0.1.28
  • Class file bytes are no longer overwritten, instead ASM is used to inject bytecode at the few lines needed
  • All mobs are affected by gravity
  • Significant increase to oxygen bubble size (4:10 ratio)
  • Increased sprites to 32x32. Config value added if you prefer the old textures.
  • Partial IC2 support for machines (not completed or tested yet).
  • Fix other mobs dying inside oxygen bubbles.
  • ICBM's anti-ballistic missiles will now lock on to spacecraft.
  • Fix fire setting rider on fire if lagging.
  • Attempt to fix compatability issues with BWG4 and TreeCapacitor.
  • Attempt to fix problems with Space Station permissions.
  • Added Japanese localization, thanks anonymouspineapple!
  • Updated French localization, thanks Mahzel!
  • Updated Simplified Chinese localization, thanks sjjklh!
Minecraft 1.5.1 Alpha 0.1.27
  • Fix dimension registration crash
  • Re-added NEI config since it's been updated
  • Improved/Simplified spaceship overlay, disabled config value
  • Add config value for disabling donor capes
  • Add config value for enabling respawning on the moon
  • Updated armor texture for Oxygen Mask
  • Updated armor texture for Sensor Glasses
  • Updated icon for Sensor Glasses
  • Add a breathable armor interface to the API
  • Fix collector still requiring leaf blocks on earth
Minecraft 1.5.1 Alpha 0.1.26
  • Fix bug where players with an uppercase letter in their username would not be able to access space stations
  • Add more music from Jackson Cordes
  • Evolved Creeper fuse is longer, but does more block and player damage
  • Increased health of all evolved mobs
  • Increase speed of Evolved Zombies
  • Fix falling through pipes
  • Add unfilled oxygen tanks to creative menu
  • Evolved mobs are larger
  • Temporarily disable gravity for evolved mobs (will be re-added)
  • Fix growing of trees on normal blocks (grass/dirt) on Space Station/Moon
  • Display info telling players that saplings need four blocks of water nearby
  • Crafting oxygen tanks will now provide an empty one, instead of a pre-filled one
  • Fix crash when player is inside decoration block
  • Fix player bow textures and third person rotation
  • Fix skeleton holding bow
  • Add command to remove player from Space Station
  • Repackage a lot of files for organization sake
  • Dissallow placing of air locks adjacent to each other
  • Hopefully fix client-side dimension unloading crash upon multiplayer connection
Minecraft 1.5.1 Alpha 0.1.25
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1
  • Fixed some entity/tile entity ticking problems.
Minecraft 1.5.0 Alpha 0.1.24
  • Last release for 1.5.0
  • Version update is now done in a seperate thread.
  • If version check fails, it will retry once.
  • Fixed parachute textures.
  • Fixed flag falling down when only one block is below it.
  • Fixed air lock placing breathable air in the middle when disabled.
  • Fixed air locks not disabling when broken.
  • Fixed air locks not activating correctly when redstone is connected to bottom blocks.
  • Fixed registering and unregistering moon dimension ID.
Minecraft 1.5.0 Alpha 0.1.23
  • Added player-specific Space Stations to planet selection screen! Invite friends using /ssinvite [player].
  • Moon is now a hotloaded dimension (world will load only when player goes, unloads when no players are there).
  • Added Pre-Fueled Spaceship to the creative tab (only obtainable in creative).
  • Added Alien Villagers!
  • Fix planet selection GUI not rendering properly.
  • Fix air vent recipe being the same as tin plates.
  • Fix texture problems.
  • Fix spaceship fuel level packet being sent to all spaceships.
  • Fix loading of Basic Components. This fixes wire rendering, wire connections, and other problems.
  • Fix any items being able to load into fuel loader.
  • Fix rocket crafting table and landing pad bounding boxes.
  • Fix Galaxy Map not opening correctly in SMP.
  • Fix donor cape not being rendered since migrating from Render Player API.
  • Fix harvest level of moon blocks.
  • Fix bottom texture of cheese block.
  • Special thanks to Hypermegazord for his very thorough testing of this version!
Minecraft 1.5.0 Alpha 0.1.22
  • Major: Removed PlayerAPI and RenderPlayerAPI dependancy. Galacticraft is now a coremod.
    Compatability with mods that require PlayerAPI/RenderPlayerAPI is not guaranteed, but will be improved upon.
  • Major: BasicComponents now loads inside Galacticraft.
  • Fix torches not unliting when air is removed.
  • Fix error on server startup.
  • Fix treasure chest texture particles.
  • Fix lime green parachute not loading texture properly.
  • Fix texture warnings in console.
  • Fix spaceship continuing to load after being launched.
  • Fix moon/overworld text on planet selection GUI.
  • Fix torches not unliting when air is removed.
  • Fix treasure chest not opening.
  • Fix player not being removed from buggy when it touches lava.
  • Fix fuel loader using any item to load into spaceship.
  • Fix fuel loader not saving items left in slots.
  • Fix moon ore smelting.
  • Fix offset for "Inventory" text when using some machines.
  • Fix GUI not updating power level in some machines.
Minecraft 1.5.0 Alpha 0.1.21
  • You should delete your config file and start a new world for this update. This is a one-time world break and it won't happen again.
  • 1.5.0 update.
  • Complete recode of all machines. Each machine requires electricity input now.
  • Added fuel loader that, when attached to a launch pad and electrical input, will load fuel into a spaceship.
  • Added support for ICBM radar and Anti-Ballistic Missiles.
  • Added support for Mekanism Gas system.
  • Many, many more fixes and changes. I will list them all in a little while.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.20
  • Last release for 1.4.7
  • Emergency release to fix a bug where launching spaceship would break it into an item.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.19
  • Fix a crash when another mod is using a different version of Universal Electricity.
  • Check if cargo length is greater than zero, should fix rare bug.
  • Drop spaceship as item when launch pad is broken.
  • Add information to saplings to let player know that water is required for them to grow.
  • Add missing names for custom saplings.
  • Fix hardness of grass blocks.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.18
  • If Buildcraft is loaded, using a bucket on a Galacticraft oil block will give a Buildcraft oil bucket.
  • Extractor will properly extract oil now, instead of having to use it on the solid block below the oil.
  • Added oil sounds
  • Added some fancy oil texture effects.
  • Updated zh_CN, thanks crafteverywhere and sjjklh.
  • Added french language (fr_CA and fr_FR). Thanks webmilio.
  • Fix moon turf dropping with footprints.
  • Cleaned up code for upcoming minecraft update.
  • Retextured Air Locks.
  • Fix air lock wall not rendering sides correctly.
  • Implement NEI config. This will hide blocks/items that aren't supposed to be seen.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.17
  • Starting with Universal Electricity... implemented new language system to begin.
  • Added new oxygen suffocation death message.
  • Fixed ArrayOutOfBounds crash.
  • Only decay leaves if oxygen collector is outputting oxygen to a distributor/compressor.
  • Add config value for disabling/enabling other mod's generation on the moon.
  • Spaceship item won't render if you are inside a spaceship. Simply because it looked strange.
  • Spaceship overlay GUI won't show up in first person.
  • When you leave a spaceship you will have the same 3rd person state as when you entered (third person/first person/third person facing).
  • Add config value for disabling fancy tile entity rendering. This will increase FPS on older computers.
  • Fix refinery giving fuel with level 61.
  • Placing buildcraft oil into the refinery will create proper fuel stack.
  • Fix for refining any item into fuel. (no more fuel from dirt...)
  • Hopefully fix Simplified Chinese language loading.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.16
  • Add missing recipe for Oxygen Compressor.
  • Correct mod ID.
  • Fix bug where putting item with ID >4096 into the top right slots of NASA Workbench would crash client.
  • Add faded chest icon on NASA Workbench to indicate placing a chest block in that slot adds Rocket Storage.
  • Update PlayerAPI instances ever 360 ticks. This should solve a few more bugs.
  • Fix ticking server-side.
  • Lower oxygen tank consumption rate again.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.15
  • Added Oxygen Compressors to refill Air Tanks.
  • Fix for dropping from sky upon clicking "Teleport to Dimension".
  • Lower oxygen tank consumption rate.
  • Fix air lock sound problem.
  • Fix multiple fuel tanks being added to parachute chest.
  • Checks version server-side now as well.
  • Added oilGenFactor value to config. Increasing this will increase spawn rate of Oil.
  • Fix planting saplings on moon turf.
  • Put player face on spaceship overlay.
  • Another PlayerBase nullcheck.
  • Removed some unused code and cleaned up some code.
  • If an oxygen-filled pipe is connected to an air lock, the space in between will be filled with breathable air instead of no block.
  • Further extend Oxygen API.
  • Fix many small bugs and crashes.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.14
  • Increase oil gen significantly, and it only spawns on y-level 20 for now.
  • Moon will stay loaded, which temporarily fixes dimension-dropping.
  • Undo setting default Galacticraft Menu keybind to E, it's back to R.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.13
  • Fix datawatcher spam
  • Fix NPE crashes
  • Only do Arrow Attack server-side
  • Fix sensor glasses detecting all moon blocks
  • Trees should grow at any time on the moon now
  • Temporarily fix moon buggy position
  • Hopefully fix inventory crash bug
  • Hopefully fix fuel detection bug
  • Added visual fuel level
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.12
  • Extractor now works with BuildCraft oil
  • You now hold spaceships above your head with two hands while crouched.
  • Added planet renderer when above earth
  • Started on a basic Spaceship GUI overlay
  • Fix grass block textures based on metadata
  • Fixed some more crashes and small bugs
  • Fixed aluminium dropping more than one block
  • Evolved mobs now extend vanilla mobs, for compatability with minimap mods
  • Added smelting recipes for moon ores
  • Fix some more model rotation bugs.
  • Increased spaceship y-value to teleport player at
  • Spaceships actually respect the "No spaceship griefing" config value
  • Moon village well is now made of aluminium decoration blocks as well.
  • Added space for doors and torches into the village huts
  • Added skylight to moon village huts
  • Improved village bounding boxes (shouldn't cut into each other as much)
  • Fix names for moon blocks (again)
  • More code clean-up
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.11
  • Fixed aluminum gen on the moon
  • Fixed item names for moon blocks
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.10
  • Updated block metadata, if you have already been on the moon before installing this version,
    you need to use the Galacticraft world updater.
  • Added nice model for rocket bench, thanks Crummy!.
  • Cap spaceship rotation at 90 degrees.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Fixed arm position when smart moving is installed.
  • Fixed a couple crash triggers.
  • Added oil, oil canisters, refineries, oil extractors. This is an overhaul of the fuel system.
  • Updated fuel texture.
  • Fix clearing player map on world unload. This opens up an old bug but fixes a bigger one.
  • Evolved Creepers now respect the mobGriefing game rule.
  • Fixed bug where para-chest would move side-to-side on a rare occasion.
  • Added copper canister.
  • Cleaned up code a bit.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.9
  • Added version check.
  • Lots of work on upcoming feature.
  • Set spaceship dead at correct y-level.
  • Fix spaceship moving from TNT, punching, etc.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.8
  • Tutorial text tells player to open Galacticraft inventory. Text goes away after opening it.
  • Some new fancy info text appears above oxygen collectors/distributors.
  • Fix a major bug causing world to fail loading when player logs out inside spaceship.
  • Pipes won't connect to the top or the bottom of oxygen distributors/collectors.
  • Decoration block recipes now provide 4 instead of just 1.
  • API changes.
  • Oxygen Distributors now work inside existing air bubbles.
  • Added Chinese language, thanks crafteverywhere!
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.7
  • Greatly improved oxygen system logic.
  • Oxygen Collectors now have a range of 5 instead of 10.
  • Oxygen Collectors will (very) slowly make leaf blocks decay.
  • Oxygen Collectors can be linked together into one distributor.
  • Fix exploding beds.
  • Using a bed on the moon will set your spawn there, so be careful you don't get stuck!
  • Add some more oxygen system interfaces into the API.
  • Fix NBT loading of Oxygen Sources.
  • Improved air lock power detection.
  • Air locks can now be powered directly, so you can place redstone torches right underneath.
  • Fix spaceship launch time.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.6
  • Improved Village gen quite a bit on the moon. Still a WIP though.
  • Fix model animation while moving on the moon (again).
  • Updated plain white parachute texture.
  • Beds, redstone can now be placed inside oxygen bubbles.
  • Fixed mob gravity.
  • Implement new API feature for spaceships, this might result in a couple bugs, so please report any.
  • Fix Planet Selection GUI grabbing mouse after viewing map.
  • Fix client trying to get Galactic Level from server, will implement full fix soon.
  • Fix overworld ore generation. My apologies to people who wasted hours looking for ores...
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.5
  • Added option to disable spaceship explosion for grief-prone servers.
  • Fix model animation while moving on the moon.
  • Added check for correct player instances.
  • Fixed NullPointerException crash.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.4
  • Added Air Locks. See video on how to use them on main page.
  • Added custom renderer for Oxygen Collector blocks.
  • Fix PlayerAPI instances. Should eliminate many bugs.
  • Drop Galacticraft gear from slots on death.
  • Fixed many crashes.
  • Push entities out of spaceship bounding box.
  • Improved buggy movement and rotation (feedback please).
  • Add config option to disable spaceship particles.
  • Burn entities that touch flame particles.
  • Fix arm rotation when swinging off ground on a planet/moon.
  • Added two decoration blocks.
  • Added solid ore blocks.
  • Added fan texture and fixed grate texture..
  • Play parachute sound when joining the new world.
  • Added new sounds for air locks.
  • Removed done button from map, you should use the Escape key.
  • Added smelting recipe for meteoric iron.
Minecraft 1.4.7 Alpha 0.0.3
  • Added cloaks for donors. Include your minecraft username if you donate! Contact me if you already have.
  • Added custom renderer for Oxygen Distributor blocks.
  • Fix particle offset before launch.
  • Removed moon cobblestone. It was the same as moon stone.
  • Added config options to disable moon ore gen.
  • Added config options to disable overworld ore gen.
  • Implemented Ore Dictionary for ingots and ores.
  • Fix item persistance through worlds.
  • Fix aluminium typo. It's not aluminum...
  • Fix gear not appearing for other players in LAN/SMP.
  • Player shadow won't render if inside Breathable Oxygen Blocks.
  • Fix Buggy not climbing blocks.
  • If you logged out while using planet selection gui, you will see it again when you log back in.
  • Hopefully fix multiple para-chests spawning.
  • Fix suffocation inside partial blocks beside Breathable Oxygen Blocks.
  • Fix tank oxygen levels for medium and heavy.
  • Hopefully fix teleportation problems.
  • Save items in rocket.
  • Set max stack size of Oxygen Tanks to 1.
  • Fix shift-clicking in Galacticraft Player Inventory.
  • Remove anti-gravity bow from Combat creative inventory.
  • Fix ClassCastException crash.
  • Fix World Unloading.
  • Fix NPE in cheese block update.
  • Cleaned up code.