How to install Galacticraft 0.1.22+


Galacticraft Core

1. Download and install Minecraft Forge 7.7.1 Universal
2. Download Galacticraft Alpha v0.1.32 Universal

Galacticraft is now a Coremod! You must put it in the "coremods" folder instead of the "mods" folder.

Changelog / Old Versions

Detailed Client Installation:

Detailed Server Installation (optional):

Galacticraft Mercury

Coming soon

Galacticraft Venus

Coming soon

Galacticraft Mars

Coming soon

Galacticraft Jupiter

Coming soon

Galacticraft Saturn

Coming soon

Galacticraft Uranus

Coming soon

Galacticraft Neptune

Coming soon

Donors of $5 or more also get a Galacticraft Cape that you and other players with the mod can see. Simply include your minecraft username when you donate and the cape will appear within 24 hours.

Terms & Conditions

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