This is a very simple mod, giving a use for all of that netherrack you have lying around!

- Full set of netherrack tools
- Full set of netherrack armor
- Fully configurable armor and tool values (control damage, durability, etc)
- Fully configurable item IDs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate?

Sure, if you're feeling extra thankful today and want to show you care there's a donate button on the top of my site.

Minecraft crashed!!!!! HELP!!!

I need some more information than that. You can download the minecraft error test HERE, then copy and paste that into a reply below

Does this require ModLoader?


Does this require Forge?


Does this mod edit base files??

No, this mod edits zero base files and should (theoretically) be compatible with any other forge mods...


Latest Version:

Changelog: Version 2 (1.4.6)

1.4.6 update!

Version 2 for Minecraft 1.4.6


Older Versions

This mod relies on Minecraft Forge 6.4 (Universal)

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