Step 2: Planning Your Mod

This is a very important step and a lot of modders skip over this and end up leaving a lot of stuff out of their mod. You should always have a plan on where you think this mod should go or what you would like it to do. This could be simple planning on what your mod is about in your head (obviously not as effective), or a 10 page essay on one item you would like to add (maybe a little too much). It's up to you how much you would like to plan ahead. Couple things to consider 1. START SIMPLE! I've seen it way too many times, people ask around how to make an NPC that builds, talks, kills mobs, gathers food, kills the enderdragon, etc. Modding is a long process and you will not be a master right off the bat. As said earlier, you can speed this up by learning java completely so you know how to do a lot of things right off the bat. But just plan for something small for now, adding one new block is a great start, then work from there. 2. HAVE FUN! Modding the game you love shouldn't be a second job, it should be something that you find enjoyable and rewarding. There will always be frustrating points where you can't fix a bug or your mod isn't as popular as you had expected, but if you are consistantly bored and you don't feel like you're getting anywhere, maybe just playing minecraft is better for you. Sometimes, creative a flowchart for your entire mod or the way one item/mob/mechanic works can be coded easier when creating a flowchart before starting.

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