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Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod that combines the worlds of Pokémon and Minecraft, allowing players to capture, train, and battle Pokémon within the Minecraft universe. To accommodate this unique gameplay, there are several dedicated Pixelmon servers that provide a tailored experience for fans of both franchises. These servers often feature custom game modes, gyms, and events that are inspired by the Pokémon series.

What is Pixelmon?

Pixelmon is a comprehensive mod that adds over 800 Pokémon species to Minecraft, along with a host of new features, such as a functional Pokédex, Poke Balls, and an intricate breeding system. The mod transforms the familiar Minecraft landscape into a Pokémon trainer’s paradise, with players embarking on a quest to capture and train Pokémon, battle Gym Leaders, and become the ultimate Pokémon Master.

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Pixelmon Servers: Features and Highlights

Custom Game Modes

Many Pixelmon servers offer custom game modes that cater to a variety of play styles. Some popular game modes include:

  • Adventure: Embark on a journey through a pre-built world filled with towns, gyms, and NPCs, reminiscent of the main Pokémon games.
  • Survival: Capture and train Pokémon while also managing resources and crafting in a traditional Minecraft survival experience.
  • Creative: Build your own Pokémon-themed structures and landscapes with access to unlimited resources and creative mode capabilities.

Gyms and Elite Four

Pixelmon servers often feature gyms and Elite Four challenges, allowing players to test their skills and strategies against powerful opponents. Gym battles often follow a similar structure to the main Pokémon games, with players earning badges as they defeat Gym Leaders.

Tournaments and Events

Many Pixelmon servers host regular tournaments and special events, such as shiny Pokémon hunts, themed battles, and community challenges. These events provide opportunities for players to showcase their skills, win prizes, and engage with the community.

Trading and Economy

Pixelmon servers often have an in-game economy, with players trading Pokémon, items, and resources using virtual currency. Some servers also offer shops and auction houses, allowing players to buy and sell Pokémon and items to complete their collection or strengthen their team.

Popular Pixelmon Servers

There are numerous Pixelmon servers available, each with its own unique features and community. Some popular options include:

When choosing a Pixelmon server, consider factors such as server location, available resources, and additional features like custom game modes, events, and community engagement.

How to Get Started with Pixelmon

To begin your Pixelmon journey, follow these steps:

  1. Install Minecraft: Ensure you have a compatible version of Minecraft installed on your computer.
  2. Download Pixelmon: Visit the Pixelmon Reforged website (https://reforged.gg/) and download the latest version of the mod.
  3. Install a Mod Loader: Download and install a compatible mod loader, such as Minecraft Forge (https://files.minecraftforge.net/), to manage your mods.
  4. Add Pixelmon to Your Mods Folder: Move the downloaded Pixelmon mod file to your Minecraft “mods” folder.
  5. Launch Minecraft: Start Minecraft with the Forge profile, and Pixelmon should be active.
  6. Choose a Server: Select a Pixelmon server from the list above, or search for one that meets your preferences.
  7. Join the Server: Add the chosen server’s IP address to your Minecraft server list and connect to start your Pixelmon adventure.


Pixelmon offers a unique and immersive experience for fans of both Minecraft and Pokémon. By combining the best aspects of both franchises, Pixelmon servers provide an engaging environment for players to explore, build, and battle their way to becoming a Pokémon Master. With a wide range of features, custom game modes, and community events, Pixelmon servers continue to attract players from around the world who are eager to embark on their very own Pokémon journey within the Minecraft universe. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon trainer or a Minecraft enthusiast looking for a new challenge, Pixelmon offers endless opportunities for fun and adventure.


- Rating: 5.0/5

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