Minecraft 1.21: The Tricky Trials Update Guide

minecraft 1 21 update tricky trials

Minecraft 1.21, the next major update for the game, is almost here. The snapshot marathon is wrapping up, bringing us closer to the update’s release. This guide highlights the new features, mobs, and blocks introduced in the Minecraft 1.21 update, also known as the Tricky Trials update.

Release Date

The official release date for Minecraft 1.21 is still under wraps, but based on previous update cycles, we anticipate it will launch in June 2024. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the release.

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Update Name: Tricky Trials

The last major update, Minecraft 1.20, didn’t have an official name at first, leading to community discontent. Learning from this, the Mojang team has named the Minecraft 1.21 update “Tricky Trials.” Revealed in the April edition of Minecraft Monthly, this name aptly describes the challenging new Trial Chambers players will face.

New Mobs in Minecraft 1.21

The Breeze

The Breeze is a new hostile mob exclusive to the Trial Chamber structure. It attacks with a wind charge that damages and knocks back entities. Breeze drops breeze rods, used in various crafting recipes.

Breeze mob shooting its wind charge attack in Minecraft 1.21

The Bogged

Bogged is a green skeleton variant found in swamps, mangrove swamps, and Trial Chambers. It shoots poison arrows, causing a poison status effect for 4 seconds.


Although initially expected in this update, the armadillo arrived earlier with the Minecraft 1.20.5 update, Armored Paws.

New Biomes?

Minecraft 1.21 will not introduce any new biomes or biome updates, as confirmed in the 24w13a snapshot.

New Features in Minecraft 1.21


The crafter block automates crafting, pushing out completed items. It allows players to program ingredient placement, making it a powerful utility block.

Crafter block placed inside the world

Trial Chambers

Trial Chambers are procedurally generated structures focused on exploration and combat. These chambers feature parkour challenges, underwater rooms, safe rooms, vaults, and trial spawners.

Ominous Bottle

The ominous bottle grants the Bad Omen effect, turning villages into Raid Omen zones. Obtain it by defeating pillager raid captains or looting vaults.

Trial Spawner

The trial spawner adapts to the number of players, spawning a limited number of mobs in four categories: melee, small melee, ranged, and Breeze. Defeating the mobs rewards players with precious items.

Husk spawned by the trial spawner in the corridor of the trial chamber in Minecraft 1.21

Ominous Trial Spawner

With the Bad Omen effect, a trial spawner becomes an ominous trial spawner, summoning mobs with equipment and projectiles.

Trial Key and Ominous Trial Key

The trial key opens vault blocks in Trial Chambers, while the ominous trial key, obtained by defeating ominous trial mobs, provides access to higher rewards.

The Vault and Ominous Vault

Vaults, unlocked with trial keys, reward players with items. Ominous vaults, naturally generated in Trial Chambers, offer superior rewards, including the heavy core item.

Breeze Rods

Breeze rods, dropped by the Breeze, are used in crafting recipes for the wind charge, mace weapon, and flow armor trim.

Heavy Core

The heavy core, found in ominous vaults, combines with breeze rods to craft the mace.


The mace is a new melee weapon that deals more damage the farther the player falls before hitting the target. It also creates an area of effect (AOE) knockback.

Wind Charge

Wind charge is a projectile item that knocks back and damages entities, useful in parkour mini-games.

Copper and Tuff Blocks

Copper and tuff building blocks, introduced in snapshot 23w43a, are found in Trial Chambers and can be crafted.

Copper Bulb

The copper bulb is a new light source block whose light emission depends on its oxidation stage. Waxing the bulb preserves its state, and it interacts with redstone.

Copper bulbs in various oxidation stages and states in Minecraft 1.21

Other New Features

Minecraft 1.21 also adds two new armor trims (flow and bolt), two banner patterns (flow and guster), three new pottery sherds (scrape, guster, and flow), four new potions, 20 new paintings, and 9 new background tracks by Lena Raine, Aaron Cherof, and Kumi Tanioka. Additionally, there are three new music discs in the game.


Minecraft 1.21, the Tricky Trials update, brings a host of new features, mobs, and blocks that promise to enhance the gameplay experience. From the challenging Trial Chambers to the new crafting automation, this update offers exciting opportunities for exploration and creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will Minecraft 1.21 be released?

While the exact release date is not officially announced, we expect Minecraft 1.21 to launch in June 2024 based on previous update cycles.

Will there be any new biomes in Minecraft 1.21?

No, Minecraft 1.21 will not introduce any new biomes or biome updates.

What is the crafter block?

The crafter block automates crafting by pushing out completed items and allows players to program ingredient placement.

What are Trial Chambers?

Trial Chambers are new procedurally generated structures that focus on exploration and combat, featuring various rooms and challenges.

How do I obtain breeze rods?

Breeze rods are dropped by the Breeze mob, found in Trial Chambers. They are used in crafting wind charges, maces, and flow armor trims.


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