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Microsoft has recently unveiled a new offering for Minecraft enthusiasts: the Minecraft Marketplace Pass. This announcement, made on the Minecraft official website, introduces a subscription model priced at $3.99 per month. The subscription provides Bedrock players with access to an extensive selection of over 150 different content packs within the Minecraft Marketplace, which gets updated monthly. Importantly, Minecraft players can continue enjoying the game without the need for the Marketplace Pass.

A Closer Look at the Minecraft Marketplace Pass

The Marketplace serves as the central location for content created by the Minecraft community, including skin packs, adventure worlds, survival spawns, mashups, texture packs, and more. Microsoft has committed to curating over 150 of the finest offerings from these categories to include in the Marketplace Pass each month. Additionally, subscribers will receive a new assortment of Character Creator items monthly.

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“Some are story-driven, others combat focused, a few will make you a speedy parkour pro or an unbeatable puzzle master, while others magically make your blocky world look different,” Microsoft explained. “Every single one of them is created by our brilliant community of creators and there to add new playstyles and variety to your Minecraft sessions.”

It’s important to note that once a particular world, texture pack, skin pack, or mash-up is removed from the catalog, players will have to purchase it directly from the Marketplace to continue its use during their gameplay. However, Microsoft has clarified that packs will remain on your device until you choose to delete them. Any Character Creator items claimed monthly are yours to keep forever. Additionally, a Realms Plus subscription now includes the Marketplace Pass.

Cross-Device Accessibility

One of the benefits of purchasing the Marketplace Pass is the ability to access all packs across any device that supports the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and has the Minecraft Marketplace, provided you are logged into your Minecraft account. However, it’s worth mentioning that the service is not compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire devices or the Minecraft Java Edition.

minecraft pass subscription service

This initiative not only enriches the Minecraft playing experience by offering a wealth of new content but also supports the creative efforts of the Minecraft community by showcasing their creations. Whether you’re looking to enhance your game with new adventures, styles, or challenges, the Minecraft Marketplace Pass opens the door to a treasure trove of content, ready to be explored.

Summary of Minecraft Marketplace Pass Offerings

The Minecraft Marketplace Pass, recently introduced by Microsoft, offers a fresh approach to accessing a broad range of creator-made content for Minecraft players. This subscription service, priced at $3.99 per month, grants Bedrock edition players an extensive catalog of more than 150 different content packs within the Minecraft Marketplace, which is updated monthly. Here are some of the new and notable features of the Marketplace Pass:

  1. Extensive Content Selection: Subscribers gain access to over 150 different content packs. This variety includes skin packs, adventure worlds, survival spawns, mashups, texture packs, and other downloadable content, ensuring that there’s always something new to explore.
  2. Monthly Refresh: The content available through the Marketplace Pass is refreshed every month, providing a steady stream of new experiences and items for subscribers.
  3. Curated Selection: Microsoft carefully selects the content included in the Marketplace Pass, choosing 150 or more of the best content packs created by the Minecraft community. This curation process ensures high-quality and diverse options for all types of players.
  4. Character Creator Items: Each month, subscribers receive a new set of Character Creator items, adding more customization options for players.
  5. Ownership and Accessibility: While content packs may leave the subscription catalog, subscribers can continue using them by purchasing from the Marketplace. However, packs remain on the local storage until deleted, and monthly Character Creator items redeemed are kept permanently.
  6. Cross-Device Access: Subscribers can access all the packs across any device that supports Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with the Minecraft Marketplace, as long as they are signed into their Minecraft account. This feature enhances flexibility and convenience for players.
  7. Realms Plus Inclusion: The Realms Plus subscription now includes the Marketplace Pass, offering even more value by combining both services into one subscription.

The Minecraft Marketplace Pass is designed to enrich the Minecraft experience by providing a vast and regularly updated collection of content, fostering creativity, and offering new ways for the community to engage with the game.


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