What’s new in the Minecraft 1.20.1 Update?

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This patch might seem small, but it packs a punch with some essential bug fixes. It’s all set to enhance the gaming sessions for our Java Edition players. Let’s take a peek at what’s under the hood.

Thanks to countless snapshots and endless hours of fine-tuning, the Java Edition 1.20 update had a fairly smooth launch. While it wasn’t flawless, the few hitches encountered have been quickly ironed out. You can check out the list of resolved issues in the Minecraft 1.20.1 Release Candidate Patch Notes.

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To get up to speed with this latest update, all you need to do is fire up your Minecraft Launcher and hit that play button! Make sure the Launcher is toggled to the “Latest Release” option in settings, and you’ll be playing on the freshest version, 1.20.1, in no time.

So what has been added in the Minecraft 1.20.1 Update?

The Minecraft Trails & Tales update, version 1.20, is still fresh off the press, and players around the globe are diving headfirst into all the exciting changes it has brought to our beloved blocky world.

Finally making their grand entrance into the game are Camels. These interesting mobs come with a twist: they offer rides but won’t pledge their loyalty to a single player. When not ferrying players around, they like to lay low—literally—and their towering height provides a safe haven from attacks while you’re perched on their back. And the cherry on top? They have room for two—perfect for a desert jaunt with a friend.

Say hello to the Sniffer, a much-anticipated addition to Minecraft’s lineup of unique mobs. With the arrival of the Sniffer, we also get our hands on Sniffer eggs and torchflower seeds. Thanks to its distinctive spawn mechanism and the prospect of unearthing useful seeds, this Mob Vote winner has already won over a legion of players.

The Cherry Grove biome is stealing hearts, too, with its enchanting cherry trees. Players can’t resist the allure of this biome, and cherry wood, the new resource on the block, is getting a lot of love.

Bamboo, meanwhile, has been given a nifty update, making it an even more versatile resource in the game. It can now be transformed into wooden planks, opening up the possibility to craft slabs, doors, stairs, and even boats. It’s safe to say that bamboo is definitely having a moment.


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