What is Copper Used for in Minecraft?

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Minecraft, a game renowned for its endless creativity and immersive crafting mechanics, introduced yet another fascinating element in its Caves and Cliffs update: Copper. This malleable metal, reminiscent of its real-world counterpart, boasts a variety of uses that can enhance gameplay, aesthetics, and functionality within the blocky realms. If you’ve recently stumbled upon this shimmering ore and are wondering how best to employ it, you’ve come to the right place!

Copper Ingots

Before diving into the world of copper crafting, players must first transform copper ore into usable ingots. The transformation from copper ore to copper ingots is achieved by smelting the ore in a furnace or a blast furnace using a fuel source. Minecraft offers diverse fuel options such as wood, coal, lava, and charcoal.

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When using a furnace or a blast furnace, fuel should be placed in the bottom left slot and the ore in the top left slot. The displayed image demonstrates the smelting workflow, with the final product appearing in the rightmost slot.

Copper Block

With the copper ingots ready, players can utilize them on a crafting table.

To craft a copper block, players must position a copper ingot in each of the four slots, forming a square on the crafting table. As the copper block doesn’t serve further crafting purposes, it predominantly serves as a decorative element.

Cut Copper Block

The cut copper block offers crafting flexibility, allowing players to create stairs and slabs. One can easily distinguish a cut copper block from a regular copper block by spotting the grid lines.

These grid lines on the cut copper block signify its potential for crafting diverse items.

Oxidizing Copper

Over extended exposure to the environment, copper undergoes a transformation, acquiring a blue-green hue. This natural process of color alteration due to environmental factors is termed oxidizing, a feature beautifully depicted in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update.

Oxidization in Minecraft doesn’t occur instantly. It takes multiple daylight cycles for copper to display signs of oxidizing. Players keen on retaining copper’s original luster can apply Minecraft beeswax to the copper, preventing oxidation.

Copper Rods

For those wary of lightning strikes jeopardizing their Minecraft abode, copper rods come to the rescue. By installing a copper rod atop their Minecraft residence, players can divert lightning, safeguarding their homes.

Additionally, copper rods possess the unique ability to harness lightning strikes for Redstone mechanisms.


Copper, in its multifaceted glory, offers a blend of practicality and aesthetics that can enrich the Minecraft experience. Whether you’re constructing a time-worn citadel, safeguarding your wooden mansion, or eagerly anticipating potential Redstone innovations, copper promises to be a valuable addition to your Minecraft toolkit. So, the next time you’re deep in the caves and spot that distinctive ore, mine away and let your creativity shine!


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