How to Make Strength Potion in Minecraft


You can enhance your effectiveness by brewing various potions, some of which can give you an advantage in combat, while others accelerate your mining tasks. Exploring the different effects of brewing potions is fascinating, with strength potions being a particularly wise choice when venturing into perilous territories.

A strength potion boosts your attack power, proving indispensable when battling formidable foes like the ender dragon or the wither. It ensures that creepers can be dispatched in a single hit, thereby reducing their chances of causing destruction.

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Finding Strength Potions in Creative Mode

In Creative Mode, strength potions are located below the totem of undying and potion of swiftness in the menu. You can also use the search function, identifiable by a magnifying glass icon, to find them more easily.

Ingredients for Crafting a Strength Potion

To make a Strength Potion in Minecraft, you’ll need Blaze Powder, a Brewing Stand, Glass Bottles, Water, and Nether Wart. The challenge in potion brewing often lies in finding a nether fortress, which is home to the blaze and nether wart you need. Defeating blazes is crucial for obtaining blaze rods, which are used to create and power the brewing stand.

How to Make a Strength Potion: Overview

Here’s a quick overview of making a strength potion: Open the brewing stand interface, place a water bottle in one of the bottom slots, add nether wart to the top slot, wait for the process to complete, then add blaze powder to the top slot to produce a Potion of Strength (3:00).

Detailed Step-by-Step Brewing Guide

For a more detailed guide, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter the Nether

Travel to the nether by constructing a portal with a four-block-wide and five-block-tall frame of obsidian.

Step 2: Ignite the Portal

Ignite the nether portal using flint and steel, crafted by combining flint and an iron ingot in your crafting menu.

Step 3: Locate a Nether Fortress

Once inside the nether, locate a nether fortress, which can be rare. Some players may find their portal opens directly onto one.

Step 4: Find and Defeat Blazes

Within the fortress, find blazes and defeat them to gather blaze rods. Locate a blaze spawner if you can for a more consistent supply.

Step 5: Collect Nether Wart

Search the fortress for staircases leading to soul sand with red fungus, which is the nether wart.

Step 6: Craft a Brewing Stand

After collecting your materials, return safely to craft a brewing stand using a blaze rod and three cobblestones.

Step 7: Prepare the Brewing Stand

Power your brewing stand with blaze powder, obtained by placing a blaze rod in your crafting menu.

Step 8: Begin Brewing

Open the brewing stand’s UI, fuel it with blaze powder, and begin the brewing process with glass bottles filled with water.

Step 9: Finalize Your Potion

After creating the base awkward potion with nether wart, add blaze powder to craft the strength potion.

Usage and Benefits of Strength Potion

Once completed, you’re equipped with potions ready to bolster your combat effectiveness, increasing your damage output and making battles with boss mobs significantly less challenging. Remember, the potion’s increased damage only applies to melee weapons.

Quick Command for Potion of Strength

If you wish to obtain a potion of strength instantly, use the command “/give playername potion 1 31”.

Creative Uses for Strength Potion

With your Strength Potion, you can deal more damage to enemies, simplify boss encounters, convert it into a splash potion, or use it as a decorative marker in your storage or living spaces.

Making Potions Stronger

For a stronger potion, upgrade a regular strength potion by adding glowstone dust, which will double its potency at the expense of duration. Alternatively, adding redstone will extend the potion’s duration to eight minutes without increasing its strength.


Now, armed with your strength potion, you’re ready to confront even the most challenging mobs with newfound ease, making your adventures in Minecraft significantly more manageable.


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