How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft

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Bows remain a pivotal asset in the Minecraft 1.20 update. Holding the title as the premier ranged weapon, it’s no surprise that they’re a staple in every Minecraft enthusiast’s arsenal. While seasoned players are well-versed with the acquisition of bows—be it through dispatching skeletons or stray mobs, bartering with fletchers, fishing escapades, or crafting—their value is further accentuated by their ease of crafting, enchanting, and, importantly, repairing.

In the dynamic world of Minecraft, maintaining your bow’s prime condition is crucial. Fortunately, there are three avenues to revitalize a bow, each with its unique set of pros and cons.

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Ways to Repair a Bow in Minecraft 1.20

Before diving into the repair techniques, it’s worth noting that to mend a damaged bow, you’d need another bow in tow. The resultant bow’s durability is intertwined with the vitality of the secondary bow deployed in the repair process.

Direct Crafting Slots Method

For those seeking a quick fix, directly merging two bows through the crafting slots—either within the player’s inventory or using a crafting table—is the most straightforward approach. The absence of any specialty blocks is a bonus since crafting slots are omnipresent.

The procedure is a breeze: position the wounded bows in distinct slots and retrieve a rejuvenated bow. Yet, it’s crucial to bear in mind that this amalgamation merely fuses the durabilities of the two bows. Thus, should either bow bear enchantments, post-repair, these enchantments vanish, rendering a plain bow.

The Grindstone Technique

The grindstone, specifically crafted to breathe life into weary gear, offers another viable route. When you aim for a more robust repair, leveraging the grindstone is a savvy choice. Not only does it amalgamate the durabilities of the two bows, but it also bestows an additional 5% durability to the newly minted bow.

Nevertheless, a word of caution: the grindstone’s prowess in stripping gear of enchantments implies that post-repair, your bow will be devoid of any magical enhancements.

Anvil Restoration

The anvil, a robust block renowned for its enchantment infusion capabilities with enchanted books, item naming, and repair functions, can be a tad taxing on resources—requiring three iron blocks for its creation. However, when it comes to bow restoration, particularly for enchanted bows, the anvil reigns supreme.

Its enchantment application core functionality ensures that no enchantments are lost in the repair process. Yet, unlike the grindstone, the anvil’s repair confines itself to merely fusing the durabilities of the two bows, without any bonus durability perks.


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