How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

how to make terracotta in minecraft

Terracotta is a solid-colored block with a smooth texture, widely used in Minecraft for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. This block can be colored using any of the 16 dyes available in the game, and it can also be glazed for creating patterned blocks. Whether you’re looking to add trim or a burst of color to your constructions, terracotta is an excellent choice. You can find this handy block naturally in the world or make it yourself.

Materials Needed for Terracotta Creation

To create terracotta, you’ll need the following:

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  • A Clay Block, which can be obtained by assembling 4 clay balls.
  • A Furnace to smelt the clay into terracotta.

Gathering clay can be done with a silk touch tool, which allows you to directly mine the clay block. If you don’t have silk touch, you can still collect clay balls and reform them into a block. Keep in mind that using a tool with the Fortune enchantment will not yield more clay balls. Once you have your clay blocks, you’re ready to use a furnace and some fuel to start the smelting process.

The Process of Making Terracotta

Creating terracotta is simple. Begin by placing your clay blocks in the top slot of your furnace’s user interface. Below, in the fuel slot, add your chosen fuel type, like coal or wood. Once the smelting arrow is full, you’ll have your terracotta, which you can then move to your inventory.

If you prefer to find terracotta naturally, you can explore mesa (also known as badlands) biomes, where terracotta spawns in abundance. However, for those who want to make it themselves, the process starts by locating and mining clay, usually found in the shallow parts of ponds and lakes. Once mined, the clay is ready to be transformed in your furnace into uncolored terracotta, which sports a reddish-brown hue.

Utilizing Terracotta in Your Builds

With terracotta in hand, the creative possibilities expand significantly. You can dye terracotta by surrounding a dye with 8 terracotta blocks in a crafting table, granting you up to 16 different colors to choose from. Beyond that, stained terracotta can be glazed in a furnace, which will not only change its color but also add one of four unique patterns to it. The direction you face when placing glazed terracotta affects the pattern, offering thousands of potential combinations for your architectural endeavors.

In Conclusion

Terracotta is a transformative element in Minecraft, turning simple clay blocks into decorative pieces that enhance the visual complexity of your builds. By smelting clay blocks, you can unleash a wide array of design options, dyeing and glazing the terracotta into numerous patterns and colors. So, stock up on clay, and let your imagination take shape through the myriad of terracotta designs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Terracotta

  • Fortune and Clay: The Fortune enchantment does not increase the drop rate of clay balls from clay blocks. For efficiency, a silk touch tool is recommended.
  • Glazed Terracotta Patterns: Each of the 16 colors of glazed terracotta has 4 unique patterns. The pattern displayed depends on your orientation when placing the block.
  • Natural Occurrence of Terracotta: In Minecraft, terracotta naturally occurs in mesa biomes, where you can find it in six different colors. To obtain the full range of terracotta colors, you’ll need to stain it yourself.


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