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Are you looking for a thrilling new challenge in your Minecraft PE world? Look no further than the Wither Storm Mod! This action-packed modification introduces a formidable boss that will test your combat skills and resourcefulness. In this detailed review and how-to guide, we will delve into the features of the Wither Storm Mod, walk you through the installation process, and offer helpful tips for battling this powerful adversary.

Features of the Wither Storm Mod

The Wither Storm Boss

The Wither Storm Mod adds an epic new boss to Minecraft PE, the Wither Storm. This menacing creature is a more powerful and dangerous version of the standard Wither boss, with new abilities and a unique appearance. It will put even the most seasoned Minecraft players to the test with its fearsome attacks and near-impenetrable defenses.

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New Items and Crafting Recipes

To aid you in your battle against the Wither Storm, the mod introduces new items and crafting recipes. These powerful tools and weapons will be essential in your quest to defeat this formidable foe. Make sure to gather the necessary resources and craft these items to give yourself the best chance of victory.

Challenging Combat Experience

The Wither Storm Mod offers a thrilling and challenging combat experience. You’ll need to employ strategy, resourcefulness, and quick reflexes to conquer this mighty adversary. Prepare for an intense battle that will push your Minecraft skills to the limit.

How to Install Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft PE

  1. Download the Wither Storm Mod add-on file (usually in .mcpack or .mcaddon format) from a reputable source.
  2. Double-click or tap on the downloaded file to import it into Minecraft PE.
  3. Launch Minecraft PE and navigate to the world settings of the world you want to add the Wither Storm Mod add-on.
  4. In the world settings, find the “Resource Packs” or “Behavior Packs” section, and select the Wither Storm Mod add-on to activate it in your world.

Tips for Battling the Wither Storm

Gearing Up for the Fight

Before you face the Wither Storm, make sure you’re well-prepared with powerful weapons, armor, and tools. Craft the new items introduced by the mod, such as the Wither Sword and the Storm Bow. Additionally, ensure you have plenty of potions, arrows, and food to keep yourself in fighting shape during the battle.

Creating the Wither Storm

To summon the Wither Storm, you’ll need to build a special structure using the new Wither Storm Block, introduced by the mod. Once you’ve crafted the necessary blocks, arrange them in the required pattern and use a special item to activate the structure, thus summoning the Wither Storm boss.

Strategies for Victory

Defeating the Wither Storm will require a combination of offensive and defensive tactics. Keep your distance and use ranged weapons like the Storm Bow to chip away at its health. Use the environment to your advantage, taking cover behind structures and terrain to avoid its devastating attacks. When the Wither Storm’s defenses are weakened, move in with your powerful melee weapons to finish the job.

Rewards and Trophies

Upon defeating the Wither Storm, you’ll be rewarded with valuable loot, including unique items and resources. Use these rewards to craft even more powerful gear and prepare for future adventures in your Minecraft PE world.


The Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft PE offers an exhilarating and challenging combat experience for players seeking a new adventure. With its powerful boss, new items, and intense battles, this mod is a must-have for those looking to test their skills and bravery. Follow this guide to install the Wither Storm Mod, prepare for the fight


- Rating: 3.9/5

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