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Are you looking to add a little more life to your Minecraft PE experience? The Mo’ Creatures Mod is the perfect way to bring new and exciting animals into your game! In this detailed review and how-to guide, we will explore the features of the Mo’ Creatures Mod, discuss how to install it on your Minecraft PE, and provide tips for using this fantastic addition to your Minecraft world.

Features of the Mo’ Creatures Mod

Diverse Wildlife

One of the standout features of the Mo’ Creatures Mod is the sheer variety of creatures it adds to your game. From elephants to snakes, and dolphins to werewolves, this mod introduces a wide range of new mobs, each with unique behavior and characteristics. The additional animals make the Minecraft environment feel more alive and immersive, adding depth to your gameplay experience.

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Customizable Spawn Rates

The Mo’ Creatures Mod allows you to customize the spawn rates of each creature type. This feature is excellent for players who want to tailor their Minecraft experience to suit their preferences, whether they want to fill their world with new creatures or focus on just a few specific types.

Unique Items and Crafting Recipes

With new creatures come new items and crafting recipes. The Mo’ Creatures Mod introduces new items like animal hides, tusks, and eggs, which can be used to craft a variety of useful tools, armor, and resources. This adds another layer of depth to the game and encourages exploration and experimentation.

How to Install Mo’ Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE

Please note that the Mo’ Creatures Mod was initially designed for Minecraft Java Edition. However, a similar add-on has been created for Minecraft PE, which offers many of the same features. Follow these steps to install the Mo’ Creatures add-on on your Minecraft PE.

  1. Download the Mo’ Creatures add-on file (usually in .mcpack or .mcaddon format) from a reputable source.
  2. Double-click or tap on the downloaded file to import it into Minecraft PE.
  3. Launch Minecraft PE and navigate to the world settings of the world you want to add the Mo’ Creatures add-on.
  4. In the world settings, find the “Resource Packs” or “Behavior Packs” section, and select the Mo’ Creatures add-on to activate it in your world.

Tips for Using the Mo’ Creatures Mod

Exploring the New Creatures

Once you’ve installed the Mo’ Creatures add-on, take the time to explore and discover the new mobs in your world. Each creature has unique behavior, and some may even drop rare items when defeated. Remember to approach the new animals with caution, as some may be hostile!

Taming and Breeding

Many of the new creatures introduced by the Mo’ Creatures add-on can be tamed and bred. Taming animals can provide valuable companions and protectors, while breeding can help you create a thriving ecosystem in your Minecraft world. Experiment with different animals to discover their unique taming and breeding requirements.

Using the Customizable Spawn Rates

If you find that some creatures are too common or too rare, adjust the spawn rates in the add-on settings to suit your preferences. This feature allows you to fine-tune your Minecraft experience and create a world that perfectly matches your vision.


The Mo’ Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE is a fantastic way to bring new life and excitement to your game. With a diverse range of creatures, customizable spawn rates, and unique items and crafting recipes, this add-on offers endless opportunities for exploration, experimentation, and fun. Give the Mo’ Creatures Mod a try and experience the Minecraft world like never before!


- Rating: 2.7/5

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