Unearthing the Past: A Deep Dive into Minecraft 1.20’s Archaeology Features


Today, we’re going to delve into one of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update, also known as the Trails and Tales update: the Archaeology Features. This new addition to the game is set to add a whole new layer of exploration and discovery to your Minecraft adventures. So, grab your brush and get ready to unearth the secrets of the past!

The Excitement of Archaeology

The Trails and Tales update is all about creating your own story within the Minecraft universe, and what better way to do that than by digging into the past? The new archaeology features allow you to become an archaeologist in your own world, exploring and discovering ancient artifacts and relics. This feature brings a new level of depth and immersion to the game, making your Minecraft experience more engaging and rewarding.

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Imagine stumbling upon a suspicious sand or gravel block while exploring a desert temple or ocean ruin. As you dust off the block with your new brush tool, you uncover pottery shards, remnants of a bygone era. You carefully collect these shards and combine them to create an ancient decorated pot, a testament to the rich history of your Minecraft world. This is the thrill of archaeology in Minecraft 1.20.

The Art of Dusting

The archaeology system introduces a new tool, the brush, which is used for the process of dusting. Dusting is a delicate and meticulous task, requiring patience and precision. As you dust off a suspicious sand or gravel block, you reveal the pottery shards hidden within. These shards, or pottery sherds as they’re called in Minecraft, can be combined to create ancient decorated pots.

Each decorated pot has a unique design that reflects something from the Minecraft world. These designs are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they also tell a story, adding a touch of history and culture to your Minecraft world. Currently, there are 20 unique pot designs, each one more intriguing than the last.

The Joy of Discovery

The joy of archaeology lies in the thrill of discovery, and the Trails and Tales update delivers this in spades. Suspicious sand and gravel blocks can be found in existing Desert Temples, Ocean Ruins, and a new location introduced in the update: the Trail Ruins. These ruins are a new structure that you need to dig around to access fully.

As you explore these ruins, you’ll come across individual blocks that you’ll need to dust down. Each block holds the potential for a new discovery, a new piece of the puzzle. The more you explore and dig, the more you uncover about the rich history of your Minecraft world.


The archaeology features in the Trails and Tales update are set to revolutionize the way you play Minecraft. They add a new layer of depth and immersion to the game, making your Minecraft adventures more engaging and rewarding. Whether you’re a history buff, a treasure hunter, or just a curious explorer, these features are sure to captivate and thrill you.

So, get ready to don your archaeologist hat and embark on a journey of discovery in the Minecraft 1.20 update. Unearth the secrets of the past, piece together the stories of ancient civilizations, and create your own tales in the world of Minecraft. The past is waiting to be discovered, and the brush is in your hands!


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