Minecraft 2023 Mob Vote Features Crab Armadillo and Penguin

Minecraft 2023 Mob Vote Features Crab Armadillo and Penguin

Minecraft enthusiasts are gearing up for the 2023 mob vote, with Mojang unveiling three potential additions to the game. Contrary to earlier hints that the new mobs would all be passive and “cute”, the official reveals have showcased a crab, an armadillo, and a penguin. While these creatures might seem more grounded in reality compared to past winners like the Sniffer or Allays, each promises to introduce fresh gameplay dynamics.

Each mob, whether aggressive or passive, is crafted with unique attributes and mechanics, offering players novel experiences. It’s crucial to understand not just the mobs’ characteristics, but also the biomes they’ll inhabit, their potential impact on the game, and the reasons players might seek them out. Whether driven by utility or sheer affection for a particular creature, players should be well-informed before making their choice.

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Minecraft Introduces the Crab

The crab, with its striking blue and orange hues and oversized claws, was the first mob to be introduced, sparking excitement within the Minecraft community. Players have already started constructing bases inspired by this potential newcomer. Beyond its appearance, the crab’s ability to scale blocks vertically, much like the game’s spiders, sets it apart from existing passive mobs. This could position the crab as a new favorite, akin to the much-loved axolotl.

While it doesn’t appear to be a tameable creature, the crab offers other intriguing features. Found in Mangrove Swamps, this mob promises to breathe life into this relatively new biome. Players might be particularly drawn to the crab’s drop: a crab claw item. According to Mojang, this item will enable players to manipulate blocks from afar, potentially reshaping gameplay depending on its applications.

The Armadillo’s Debut

Mojang’s announcement of the armadillo was met with equal enthusiasm, especially given its adorable reaction when nudged by a boat. Its ability to curl into a ball when threatened offers a fresh defensive mechanism, distinguishing it from other passive mobs. This protective trait also hints at a new item for players, specifically for their tamed wolves.

Drawing parallels with the game’s turtles, armadillos will drop a unique type of scute. These can be transformed into armor for tamed wolves. While the design and customization options for this armor remain under wraps, it could provide peace of mind for players concerned about their canine companions’ safety in the Overworld. Given its habitat in the Savanna biome and the valuable item it offers, the armadillo might become a popular choice both in the vote and in-game.

Penguin: The Final Contender

Mojang’s penguin reveal deviated from typical expectations. Instead of the icy habitats one might anticipate, this penguin, seemingly inspired by the royal penguin with its yellow crests, will be found in the Stony Shore biome. This choice aligns with the game’s polar bears, which inhabit various icy biomes, paying homage to real-world geographical distinctions.

The penguin doesn’t seem to offer any new items. However, akin to the game’s dolphins, they are expected to be player-friendly and might enhance boat speeds. Their limited mobility on land could counterbalance this advantage. The introduction of the penguin could also enhance the appeal of the currently sparse Stony Shores.

Players have a window until October 13, 5pm UTC, to mull over their choices. The voting will commence shortly and conclude on October 15 at 5:15pm UTC. The winning mob will be announced during Mojang’s Minecraft Live event. While there’s ongoing debate about potentially introducing all three mobs or even revisiting past contenders, players are encouraged to participate and voice their preference for this year’s selection.

For those eager to dive in, Minecraft is currently accessible on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.


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