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- Rating: 3.7/5

The Lucky Block Mod introduces an intriguing yet perilous twist to the Minecraft universe. The centerpiece? A gleaming gold block, aptly named the “Lucky Block”, distinguished by a question mark on every side. Upon breaking, it could bestow immense riches or unleash unparalleled chaos. Or perhaps, it just offers something mundane.

Craft your very own Lucky Block using a dropper encircled by 8 gold ingots. The luck quotient of the block ranges between -80 and +80. While those with negative luck herald misfortune, blocks with positive luck promise rewards. It’s all about taking that leap of faith: reaping immense benefits or facing unforeseen calamities.

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Occasionally, as you traverse the world, you might stumble upon these blocks naturally embedded in various structures, hinting at their potential luck factor.

If luck favors you, expect a treasure trove, perhaps overflowing food baskets with the odd toxic item thrown in. At times, you might be greeted by a shiny, armored horse, perfect to make a hasty retreat if a previous block brought misfortune.

However, not all blocks are generous. Some might begrudgingly offer a mundane sponge, while others might conjure whimsical sights like a towering stack of pigs topped by a villager! But beware, for malevolent blocks can unleash terrifying foes, like armored zombies or hostile airborne skeletal riders. For this unpredictable game, always have your armor on and weapons ready.

Some supremely fortunate blocks might relinquish ‘lucky’ potions. These could either set you ablaze or shower you with delightful cookies and candies. Plus, they might also unleash a mix of beneficial and detrimental effects simultaneously.

Moreover, you might find weapons like the Lucky Sword or the Lucky Bow. While they appear standard, they can deliver extraordinary effects, from health boosts to unleashing explosive projectiles!

Beyond the fun, the mod’s deeper intent is to inject purpose into gold ingots, transforming this oft-neglected metal into blocks of unpredictable outcomes.

It’s a thrilling addition for multiplayer arenas or custom game maps. However, its volatile nature may not sit well with regular maps. It’s wise to back up your world or carve out a separate realm dedicated to this mod, safeguarding your cherished universes.

Installing the Lucky Block Mod with Minecraft Forge

Eager to introduce this exciting mod into your game? Here’s a step-by-step guide tailored for mods crafted for Minecraft Forge API:

  1. Prerequisite: Ensure Minecraft Forge is pre-installed.
  2. Mod Download: Acquire a Forge-compatible Lucky Block mod, either from a trusted website or any other source.
  3. Accessing the Mods: Launch Minecraft and select ‘Mods’ from the main menu. Subsequently, hit the ‘Open Mods Folder’ button.
    Note: Some older Forge versions might lack this button. In such cases, locate the folder manually.

    • For Windows Users:
      • Simultaneously press the Windows key and R.
      • Input %appdata% and hit enter.
      • Navigate to the Minecraft folder, then delve into the Mods sub-folder.
    • For Mac Users:
      • Simultaneously press Command+Shift+G on your desktop.
      • Input ~/Library and hit enter.
      • Traverse to the Application Support folder, followed by the Minecraft folder.
  4. Installing the Mod: Drag and drop the downloaded mod (either a .jar or .zip file) into the Mods folder.
  5. Final Steps: Reboot Minecraft. Your newly installed mod should now appear in the mod list!

Lucky Block Mod Version

  • Version: 1.20.1-13.0
  • Minecraft Java Version: 1.20.1
  • Forge Version: >=47.1.46, <48
  • Built on: 2023-09-03 05:59


- Rating: 3.7/5

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