How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

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Ever found yourself cornered by foes in the darkest of Minecraft dungeons, wishing for a secret weapon to turn the tide of battle? What if the game-changer wasn’t a weapon, but the power of unparalleled sight? Night potion to the rescue!


Ever wanted to explore Minecraft’s darkened corners without the strain on your eyes? With the Night Vision Potion, the murkiest depths turn clear as day, and your explorations become brighter, regardless of the setting. This potion doesn’t only clarify the night; it enhances vision while underwater, helping you spot treasures hidden in the ocean’s deep. Although it may not be on every brewer’s immediate to-do list, once you’ve experienced this vision-enhancing magic, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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Essential Ingredients

For this magical concoction, ensure you have the following:

  • A Brewing Stand
  • Blaze Powder
  • Water Bottles
  • Nether wart
  • A Golden Carrot

Note: Procuring the ingredients, especially from the nether fortress, can be quite the quest!

A Deep Dive into Crafting

1. Golden Carrot – Your Main Component

  • Locate Carrots: Scour village farms. With a 1/5 probability, village plots will sprout carrots. They’re identifiable by their signature orange base complemented by green tops.
  • Gold Ingot Hunt: Gold ore is predominantly below the “Y” level 31 and is also spotted in badland biomes. Its unmistakable yellow streaks can be extracted using at least an iron pickaxe.
  • Gold Processing: Smelt your discovered gold ore to get ingots, which can then be transformed into gold nuggets via the crafting menu.
  • Golden Carrot Crafting: Finally, envelop a carrot with your gold nuggets to get the golden carrot.

2. Brewing Stand Assembly

  • Nether Portal Construction: Create an obsidian frame four blocks wide and five high.
  • Igniting the Portal: Use flint and steel to set an internal obsidian block ablaze, thereby activating the portal. A crafting combo of one iron and a flint grants you this ignition tool.
  • Nether Exploration: The nether is a fiery realm; brace yourself as you step through the portal.
  • Nether Fortress Discovery: Recognizable by its unique red/purple brick hue. The proximity of your portal to a fortress can vary.
  • Blaze Encounter: Within the fortress, locate the blaze, entities that emit warmth and fire. Blaze spawners, if discovered, can make your quest simpler.
  • Collect Blaze Rods: Battle blaze until you acquire a satisfactory amount of blaze rods. One is mandatory for the brewing stand, while extras act as fuel.

3. The Brewing Process

  • Nether Wart Collection: Within the fortress, seek staircases adorned with soul sand and red fungus. This rare growth is the essential nether wart.
  • Crafting the Brewing Stand: Safely back in the overworld, employ the blaze rod and cobblestone in a crafting table to assemble your brewing stand.
  • Powering the Brewing Stand: Convert a blaze rod to blaze powder via the crafting menu. This powder fuels your stand.
  • Preparation of Bottles: Convert sand to glass in a furnace. Three glass pieces, when aligned in a ‘V’ in the crafting area, produce glass bottles. Fill these bottles with water for your brewing needs.
  • Creating the Night Vision Potion: Initiate with the nether wart to produce an awkward potion. Next, with the awkward potions still within, introduce the golden carrot. The result? Three radiant Night Vision Potions.

The Bright Side

Congratulations! Your potions will illuminate any space for three minutes, simulating daylight even in the most shadowed regions. Traverse caves, oceans, the nether, or any darkened space with unparalleled clarity. The Night Vision Potion is especially handy for discerning ores, distant fortresses, and hidden underwater relics. Immerse yourself in a clearer, brighter Minecraft world.


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